Caine… Behind the Scenes

Last week, I brought you details of Caine Who Am I, an exciting new scare attraction which will run in May 2014 at the National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield. The maze itself is still under construction; however, PUP Events (the creative team behind the attraction) kindly invited me to their scareactor training day, which took place at the venue itself. This gave me exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the work so far, and the chance to talk more about process of designing this attraction.

CaineWithout giving too much away, one thing I will tell you is that the team have worked extremely hard to bring their concept to life. The integration of actual historical events and the ghosts who haunt the museum is very impressive. So much research and thought has gone into this; all the stories and characters are real. The team have taken inspiration from the ghost walks that already take place in this creepy old building, added fictional elements, old school storytelling and traditional scare tactics, with a few surprises thrown in there too. It is a very interesting mix of fantasy and reality.

The scareactors have also gone to a great deal of effort to prepare for this event. They have immersed themselves in the history of the building to help them understand their characters. One cast member even spent time alone in the room which is haunted by the spirit of his character, in order to communicate and connect with him. I also spent time in that room, and I must admit- it’s deeply unsettling. And yes, if you attend this attraction, you too will be stepping inside that room.

Lee Conway, creative director at PUP Events, spoke passionately about the importance of theming and quality storytelling. He and his wife Sarah are big scare attraction fans, and it shows. Having progressed from home haunts to designing and producing professional attractions, they have an appreciation and understanding of the UK scare industry which has fuelled their enthusiasm for this unique project.

I’d like to thank the team for this fascinating insight into concept, design and planned execution of Caine. I can’t wait to see the end result! In the meantime, if you’d like more information or to book tickets, click here.

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