Meet the Team


Polly launched HorrorBox in 2013, and is the site owner and creator. As an obsessive horror fan, she wanted to create a space where she could write about anything horror-related, including live scare attractions which were becoming a major interest for her at the time. Click here to find out more about how and why she started HorrorBox!
Her favourite attractions usually have a medical theme, such as The Sanctuary, which is her all time favourite scare maze. She has also dabbled in extreme attractions, but they’re not really her cup of tea!
Halloween has always been a huge part of Polly’s life, ever since she was young and members of her family took turns to throw elaborate Halloween parties. Good Halloween decorations were hard to come by in the early 90s, so she had to improvise – once, she and her family dragged a dead tree into their living room, and decorated it with fairy lights and fake cobwebs. The spiders were real though…
Polly is also co-director of Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival, which takes place every October at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. Horror films are a big part of her life, and her all time favourite horror film is THE EXORCIST.


Zoe has always been a huge horror film fan; she enjoys a variety of horror films and these days it takes something special to genuinely scare her. Her favourite horror films are usually in the home invasion subgenre, such as THE STRANGERS.
In recent years Zoe has expanded her enjoyment of horror to scare attractions and experiences. Her taste in scare attractions edges more towards the extreme; she likes to push herself to find where her limits are. She hasn’t quite haven’t reached them yet, but her closest so far was Snuffhouse 2016.
Halloween is Zoe’s favourite time of year, where she can fill her days with films, scare attractions, mazes and the occasional ghost hunt.
She and Polly met in 1998 and have been enjoying horror together ever since.


Mitch is a die-hard horror fan; from sneaking in to see THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT on the big screen aged 9, to amassing a Hoarders worthy collection of 18 cert VHS from a disreputable car boot sale seller named Bob. When it comes to all things absolutely-not-appropriate-for-kids, it was love at first fright. The rest is history, Mitch now bases a good 75% of his work annual leave on horror film festivals and has worked on short films and features alike in the genre.
His love of scare attractions began at age 11, when he created his own scare maze in his grandparents’ motorhome, and charged his cousins 10p per walkthrough. He now tries to get to as many scare attractions and theatrical horror experiences as he can throughout the season. He is a vehement defender of a strobe-lit Heras fence maze, and he won’t apologise for it.
He loves Halloween more than Lorelai Gilmore loves Christmas.